Academy/Business/Website Design

Moshe Shmuel

“I’m really eager to get into some online classes, because SMC makes them comfortable, and I’ve heard a lot of great comments about the experience.”

“Don’t just think that you want to rush through, get a college degree, and get out,” advises Moshe Shmuel, now in his second year at SMC. “Try to connect everything you’re learning here to some ‘real world’ application. English literature, for example, might not seem to be all that valuable to some—at the first look. But what you’re really learning in that class is critical analysis. And that’s a skill you can apply in any field you’re interested in.”

At SMC’s Academy of Entertainment & Technology, Moshe has found some fascinating avenues to explore and expand his boundless curiosity. “I want to get into Web development, to use it as a tool in organizational development. If you think about it, the Web is an actual ‘environment.’ And if you focus on how people interact with that software you’re presenting, you can encourage them to perform some sort of action that you want to them to do. In that way,” Moshe continues, “the Web really becomes a study in human behavior. And that’s what I want to do: Make that connection.”

Moshe reports that his own ‘connection’ to his studies at SMC have been thoroughly satisfying. “My professor in Graphic Design is Robin Hill, and she is really excellent. She takes a very strong approach in preparing us for the real world, not just a lot of theory. We’re learning what we need to do to become fast and efficient in the office. And she brings a lot of her own corporate experience into every class she teaches. So when we go to work, we’ll be utilizing a lot of very realistic and practical methods.”

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