Mylene Mendoza “I’ve seen my friends go through it: not getting their priorities straight. True, you’ve got to party and be a normal young person. But schoolwork should come first.”

Mylene Mendoza, future teacher, talks about what she loves most: teachers. “The teachers I’ve had so far at SMC all seem so personable, like they totally care about you. They might give you their home phone numbers, and they’re always there for you during their office hours,” she says. “They definitely add to the diversity and camaraderie of this whole college. And Dr. Hart? I’m taking him in Psychology. I love him!” adds Mylene with real enthusiasm. “He’s up there talking, and you feel that he’s just so interested and passionate about the subject. And he includes all the students. There’s just no hiding when you’re in his classroom.”

But ‘hiding out’ in a classroom will never be a part of Mylene’s game plan. She’ll be right up front. “I’m probably going to be an elementary school teacher, because it’s easier to get to the kids at an early age, when they’ll listen. I’m just interested in getting kids started off right in life, and I’m glad I had the elementary teachers I did when I was growing up.”

Mylene works to put herself through school and reports being “very proud that I’ve saved money and that I can pay for this and not have to ask my parents for help. And I feel I’m a lot more organized now, in college. Even though I’m working now, seeing friends, and going to church, I can still find time to get everything done. I’m just really enjoying my life.” Mylene states, “Speech and volleyball are my things. I even went to the State finals in a speech competition.” But another little trip she’d like to make soon is one back to the land of her birth, the Philippines. “I don’t know much about the country, but I love the food,” she says. “So it’s time to go back and have some of the real stuff!”

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