Psychology Club & Associated Students

Narhyn Johnson

“I’ve heard so many amazing success stories coming out of SMC. It’s a real launching pad to get people to where they need to go in life.”

From her roots in Minnesota, Narhyn Johnson made the huge leap to Southern California. “I’m in my third and final year at SMC,” she says with a laugh. “And as an older student, I wanted to make sure that I found a college that gave me the opportunity to do a lot of extracurriculars. And SMC is actually a huge community within itself, which presented me with everything that I was looking for.”

In fact, Narhyn founded SMC’s Psychology Club. “That was in my first year. And it’s grown quite successfully. I’m very proud of everyone who’s had a part in it, as well,” she says, adding that “Psych really teaches a lot about critical thinking that can be applicable to many different majors and careers. What I wanted to do was to create a great club that we’ll all leave behind for others. One that would mean that the students following us wouldn’t have to work so hard to create that structure, or to learn to lead. And I think I’ve done that.”

Narhyn says that involvement in student life at SMC is crucial to success. “I found my way to the Associated Students, and that completely changed my life. Through them, I found all the clubs, committees, and actual student government. You can do so much more to propel yourself along if you just make time to look for it. I mean, I found Alpha Gamma Sigma—the Honors society—and then the Honor Council, which is a great mix of students, faculty, and staff. And we’ve always enjoyed the tutelage of people like Dr. Deyna Hearn and Dr. Alex Schwartz. Both of them have been mentors to me since Day One. But I wouldn’t have known either of them if I hadn’t been willing to extend myself.”

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