Music & Literature

Nicholas Nati

“I came to SMC from high school thinking this was child’s play. But I was wrong. It just ain’t all that easy to get out.”

Nicholas Nati—formerly from Israel, but now living in the US with the local branch of the family—is a young man with interests as broad as he is slender. “I’m not exactly fixated on my ultimate career. I started off in Mathematics, but now I’m thinking maybe English Literature. And we have wonderful Arts programs here, so I’m taking Music and Drama, you know? The creative stuff.”

If Nicholas does become the writer he hopes to be, he’s going to have one heck of a tough decision to make. And that is whether to write in English, Hebrew, German, or French. “I’ve studied Hebrew on a pretty high literary level, but I love languages, and I hope to be just as literate in all of them,” he says. But lately it’s also been Music that’s piqued his curiosity. “I really like following the track of music because it’s leading me to become a ‘born-again’ Bohemian,” Nicholas says with a laugh. “And the teacher I’m currently learning the most from is Dr. Zusman. He teaches his classes in Music Theory at a completely advanced level. In fact, he also teaches at UCLA, so I’m getting the same knowledge that I’d be getting at the university. In fact, a lot of the professors here are highly regarded university instructors.”

Nicholas adds that “one of the best things about SMC is that we do a lot of learning in groups. So we all push each other to do better, and that just enhances learning in general. It makes us feel like we’re all in the same boat together, and that, in turn, creates all sorts of good energy.”

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