Nick Cookson “SMC is a really good step for me. I can get my general education classes out of the way and explore some areas that may be valuable in my career.”

“I’m definitely thinking about Environmental Law because of this trip I went on to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. We went with Habitat for Humanity,” says Nick Cookson of the experience that would change his life. “We were living in this village in Fiji, and it was an amazing cultural experience. We got to build houses, and the people were so welcoming and genuine. It was just awesome!”

Nick later split off from the group with some friends of his and eventually made his way to New Zealand and other adventures. “But now I’m getting down to business. I applied to all East Coast schools, but I really didn’t want to be in the cold,” says the Santa Monica native son. “So I decided on SMC, because I knew it had great facilities, great teachers, and all of it at a great price.” It was only his first day on the campus, but Nick reports, “I’ve already met two of my teachers and I’m really excited. I like both of them a lot. And I’m going to be studying Photography, as well, and I hear it’s one of the best programs in the world.”

Not all of Nick’s life has been as charmed as a dream trip to the South Seas. “My family and I discovered that I have ADD (attention deficit disorder). I could never write essays fast enough to keep up with my mind. But I’m definitely improving that situation,” he says. “And SMC is exactly where I want to be, because I really want to be here. You gotta love it when you come here and get yourself ready for the opportunities. And the best thing you can do,” Nick adds, “is to take at least one class that’s a real passion for you.”

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