Nicole Crymes “In college, it’s easy to be too social and let the academics slide. There’s a time for everything, but people need to get their priorities straight.”

“I just went to a casting agent today to do some ‘extra’ work in films,” says Nicole Crymes excitedly. “They don’t do the low-budget things, so I think some good things are about to happen.” Nicole is dead set on a career as an actress. “I love film acting but there’s more of a thrill in live theater because you either have a good show or you blow it. It happened to me once where I messed up on stage,” she says, audibly cringing at the memory. “And I felt sooo bad!” But the theater, like life, favors those who are prepared. And Nicole is preparing thoroughly at SMC to make sure she has every chance to succeed.

“I’ve been in EOP&S and that’s been great because my counselor there gave me a two-year plan that has totally helped me out,” she explains. “Now I feel like I know what I’m doing, where I’m going, and how I’m going to get there.” Where’s she’s going, after finishing up at UCLA, is into television. “I know I’ll end up in a TV sitcom: I have no doubt about it. I just love making people laugh,” she says. Her family was a little surprised to find an aspiring actress in their midst, she reports. “They’d like me to be a doctor or a lawyer because of better security,” she says. “But they support me 100% in the decision I’ve made,” she says. And along the road on her way to entertainment fame and fortune, Nicole says that her “performance” at SMC may be among the most important in her life.

“I love the people and the diversity of this place,” she says. “People are easy to relate to and open. You find yourself talking with people here that you’d never be in contact with before. The teachers and courses are really challenging. And one thing’s for certain,” she continues, “when you leave here, you’re definitely going to be prepared for wherever you’re going next.”

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