Ninh Hoang “I write stories every weekend on my computer. I don’t complete many, but I never run out of new ideas either.”

When last seen, Ninh Hoang—formerly of Saigon by way of San Francisco and Seattle—was talking with his good friend Eleuterio Navarro at the Latino Center. The two aspiring writers were deep in a literary conversation. Then Eleuterio explained, “Ninh sometimes has a stutter. But just be patient.” And Ninh took a deep breath and began to talk, building speed as he went along. “Mostly I do very well in school, and I’m very positive-minded,” said Ninh. “So I don’t let the stutter affect me too much in my life.”

Ninh works at the Latino Center “to learn a new culture” which he may some day like to write about. “This semester I’m studying economics, ballet, psychology, and math, but I plan to transfer to UCLA as a literature major.” Ninh was determined to speak his piece about a couple of his SMC instructors. “I had Professor Holmgren last semester for philosophy, and she’s definitely a gift for this college,” says Ninh. “Also, I now study with Mr. Kaplan in economics, and he has a lot of wisdom to share about his subject.” And Ninh, in his own written words, would like to add the following:

“I left Saigon with my father for an adventure. Every time I dare to let something go, I usually gain something greater. I am born again in this pilgrimage to SMC, as are many others from all corners of the world. I find here the spirit of ancient Greece to live in. The ground becomes sacred from the souls who visit here. And I am always interested to find the novelty in each new person.”

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