AET/Animation and Writing

Oleg Timershin “When I first came to America, I didn’t speak any English at all. But that has changed, and I’ve certainly learned a lot of this language at SMC.”

Oleg Timershin, from Vladivostok, Russia, certainly has about the most Russian name you might imagine. But he is a chameleon, of sorts, because he has learned to speak excellent English, and he is “determined to learn as much as possible about American culture. I love the fall and winter terms here, but in the summer,” he says, “I just take off and travel around this amazing country. It really impresses me that each state is so different. Each is like its own world. And oddly enough, when I got to Baltimore, I found that everyone could understand my speaking, and I could understand them.”

Oleg says, “I wanted to come to LA because it’s the center of the entertainment world, and I knew that I would get the best education here. I’m now in my fifth semester at SMC, and I’ve had a lot of success at the AET campus. I mean, there were 508 applicants to study there, and only 25 of us made it in. So I feel especially lucky and honored.” Oleg reports, “I have a lot of friends who went to SMC and transferred, and they all tell me that they wish they were back at this college. It’s just that good.” But Oleg himself must move on if he wants to achieve his dreams.

“I wanna go on to Cal State Northridge, or possibly Cal State Long Beach, to finish my studies. I have a double major now—animation and film production—so I’m learning to create, and to be a businessman, as well. And we have a lot of very high-profile people coming to the AET campus to talk to us and inspire us about our future in the ‘Industry.’ Vladivostok is a really great city,” he adds. “But if you want to make it in the media and entertainment, LA is the only place to be. And SMC is a very good place to start that voyage.”

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