Dance & Childhood Development

Osher Rambod

“Dance is definitely a passion of mine. But I know that working with kids is what’s gonna get me far, because that’s when I’m truly happy.”

She was drenched in sweat when photographed, and actually had to towel off after her dance class. “Yeah, that’s Angela Jordan for you,” said Osher Rambod with a cheerful chuckle. “She is simply amazing, and the best dance teacher I ever had. On the one hand, she’s very strict and pushes us so hard that we’re always sweating. But on the other hand, she’s one of the most incredibly sweet people you could ever wish to meet. She’s so gifted.”

Osher decided on SMC because of some distinctly ‘family’ reasons. “I actually followed my sister here, who is now headed to UCLA. But SMC is also very close to my house, and I didn’t want to have to be away from my family just yet.” Osher adds, “My parents are very proud of what I’m doing, and they’ve acknowledged that I’ve taken my life into my own hands. And I think they see that I’ve matured in so many ways. Like, I know that my actions—good or bad—will meet with consequences. Let’s just say that if my homework or an essay is late, it’s gonna be me who gets the blame. There is no one else. This is not a high school, and SMC has been a drastic and very challenging change for me.”

Osher states, “Ten years from now, I expect to be operating my own sort of daycare center for little kids. I’ve been working with young kids for about eight years now, and it’s always been fulfilling. A lot of parents get married very young these days, and then find that they immediately have to go to work. And I would love to provide some kind of ‘second home’ for their kids.”

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