Quinton Wedin

“I wanted to go to UC Santa Barbara, but my parents thought it would be a good idea to spend a semester or two at SMC first. Good decision!”

He’s been a ‘shooter’ now for over four years, has Quinton Wedin. And in the future, who knows? He might just be a ‘Wedin’ photographer. “I love SMC’s Photography program—and I love this whole field—because it’s the only thing I could never get bored with,” says Quinton. “And I had a really great teacher in the program: Ed Mangus. He’s always conversed easily with us, telling us about his own professional experiences, and interacting with us very directly. He taught me when to shoot, when not to, getting perfect exposure…. Just a lot of little things, really, but it all adds up.”

It’s Quinton’s dream to someday study abroad—maybe Portugal or Spain—and learn another language and culture. “Travel is definitely going to be a big part of my future,” he says. But for now, Quinton’s travel plans will be confined to California “I’d really like to transfer to UC Santa Barbara, where they have this SOMA program that combines music, art production, and digital design. I think my skills are pretty versatile, and I like to keep all my options open. And then there’s always the possibility of the Art Center in Pasadena,” he continues. “A lot of really great photographers have come out of there.”

Quinton has already amassed a very impressive portfolio on Flicker ( “I want to expand on that site a lot, and express myself through it in as many creative ways as possible. I hope that, in the very near future, I’ll be able to be a production assistant or helping out a cinematographer. You know? Being the ‘man behind the scene.’ ”

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