Alpha Gamma Sigma,
UCLA School of Medicine

Regina Libefort “I recommend talking to everyone at SMC—counselors, students, teachers—because they’ve all got different points of view, and they can all point out the available resources.”

“I’d been to another community college, but SMC is so much better. There’s an incredible diversity here and, hey! it’s even close to the beach,” says Regina Liebefort. “There’s real college spirit here that I like, and the teachers are great. SMC is a really good alternative to going straight to a university because you save a lot of money, the classes are smaller, and people who transfer to UCLA actually do better than those who started there as freshmen.” (And no; Regina was not paid to say that.…) “It’s just really all about having smaller classes and a lot more student-teacher interaction.”

When last seen, Regina and a group of her friends were freaking out moments before a big science exam. It’s just a scene that’ll play out many more times on Regina’s long path to the UCLA School of Medicine. “I’m majoring in Psychology, but I’m also doing my pre-med classes because I plan on being either a psychologist or a psychiatrist,” she says. “And being in AGS (SMC’s honors society) has really been helpful because you’re surrounded by a lot of very smart people, which is motivating. Plus, we all learn a lot from each other.”

When asked why she chose SMC, Regina answers, “A lot of my mom’s friends have sons or daughters going here who really recommended it. It’s a very beautiful campus, and the library is just amazing! It’s just a great place to study because it’s very quiet and organized. But they also have group rooms where you can seal yourselves off and talk really loudly,” she says. “All in all, I’d have to say that SMC gives you the best first two years of college that you can get anywhere.”

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