Creative Writing & GEs

Richmond Jones

“I’ve got an online class in English right now, and it’s very cool. Not at all confusing, and it’s a great way to study if you dedicate your time and really focus.”

Even his name—Richmond Jones—has a distinctly writerly sound to it. You can fairly see it popping out at you on the spine of some nice fat book on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. “I like fiction, and nonfiction as well. But when I write, I normally veer toward poetry. And when I’m thinking about a poem,” he says, “I sometimes will just head to the beach to do my composing. And that’s one of the reasons I chose SMC. The beach is right here. Right here!”

Richmond says that “going to all kinds of events and meeting some incredible people are what SMC is all about. Football games, Club Row…. There’s always something cool happening. And I’ve been to a few Black Collegian meetings, and I hope to join up next semester. I think it’s a really quality program.” And speaking of quality at SMC, Richmond had nothing but praise for one particular instructor at the College. “I had Amanda Whidden for Communication, and she’s an awesome teacher who has helped me a lot. She puts so much personality into her teaching. And she’s completely dynamic and confident when it comes to speaking in front of her class. And I really like confidence. She’s a performer!”

Richmond says, “SMC offers students some great resources, like the SMC Library and the Transfer/Counseling Center, where counseling is right there for everybody. And if you feel a little bit lost about where you want to go,” he adds, “the counselors will do everything they can to help you map your destination.” When asked about his own next destination, Richmond had a one-word answer: “Europe.”

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