Robert Taylor “People don’t always know about our great transfer record to other schools. But they DO know when we win or lose.”

“I suppose I’m a father figure in some aspect,” says coach Robert Taylor. “And I’m a friend and a counselor in others. But my main concern is in helping people with their perspective so they stay on the straight and narrow,” he says. “Football and education are two positive things to do with your life.”

A Connecticut Yankee who arrived at SMC in 1984, coach Taylor thoroughly enjoys teaching and the effect it has on his students and athletes. “I get a lot of gratification,” he says, “from teaching people things, such as beginning swimming, that they don’t think they can do.”

Coach Taylor looks eagerly forward to this year’s SMC football program saying, “We’re going to instill a little more pride in our team this year. We have some outstanding players returning,” he says. “So I think we’ll be a real force in our conference.”

The academic side of Coach Taylor’s work is also a source of pride for him. “Scholastically we’re ranked number one,” says Taylor. “We transfer more students to UC programs that anyone else in the state. And over the last 5 years,” he continues, “86 percent of our sophomore athletes have transferred to four-year schools.”

“SMC has had winning athletics programs for years,” says coach Taylor. “I just want to be a part of that. Being a coach,” he adds, “you want to be around winners.”

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