SMC Staff

Roger Cobb “The support staff at SMC have demonstrated that they are professionals. We’re dedicated to giving students a boost to wherever they want to go.”

Roger Cobb, current president of the union that represents all non-teaching personnel at SMC, also champions another cause: “Birding.”

“We used to be called bird watchers,” says Roger, “and people had an image of us in tweed jackets. But now,” he continues, “birding is a sport and it seems to have caught on as an ‘in’ thing to do.”

Roger’s dedication to birding is immune to trends. An ardent supporter of the Audubon Society and the Sierra Club, he was a founding member of the group which is working to save the Ballona Wetlands—a prime local bird sanctuary—from development.

He also takes great pride in his work as a biology tab technician. “You’ve got to be motivated to work in a lab,” he says. “It’s sometimes dirty, sometimes boring for students. But they need to build a history of working with animals if they want to go on and succeed.”

“Biologists tend to be very individualistic But there’s a real family feeling in Life Sciences. We socialize a lot together arid I enjoy the student helpers. I’ve stayed in touch with many of them over the years.”

Tolerance is the quality which Roger most values in his work, “You need to be able to listen to students,” says Roger. “Ultimately, you need patience.”

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