Ron Kintsler “All my teachers, friends, and neighbors want to see me finish up my studies and come home to build. Israel is always building.”

If pure energy could guarantee the success of construction projects, there might one day be whole cities scattered across the Negev desert bearing the imprint of Ron Kinstler, future civil engineer. “The whole field is about the design and construction of housing, roads, and bridges,” says Ron in a way that makes you think he’s already immersed in huge building projects. “You not only tell people what to do, but you make the designs, bring the materials, and organize all the powers that must be brought to a project. People count on us.” Perhaps SMC should enlist Ron: He definitely has some strong feelings about the college.

“I tell you: SMC is the best because all of the teachers won’t let you fail. They give you so much of their time,” he says. “They check all your homework, and they are very involved and caring about you. You just have to study and be serious, and you’ll end up with a good GPA. They won’t let you act in any other way. And I tell all my friends in Israel about this place,” he continues. “It’s not expensive, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a college.” Ron will no doubt carry the SMC flag back with him when he returns home to Israel.

“I’ve already served with the Army in my country, and you know what? It shows you another side of life, makes you more mature, and connects you with your country, though my family has always been connected to Israel,” Ron says. “My grandfather died in the struggle of 1948.” And so—from SMC—another generation of Kinstlers will play a part in the future of Israel. This one, building. And building…

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