GE/Martial Arts

Roy Elghanayan “I tell all foreign students that they should go to SMC and start in easy. Take something they really enjoy, and they’ll get that transition thing going.”

There is indeed one stereotype about the Jewish people: They are tough. Want proof? Just go to YouTube and type in ‘Best Krav Maga Trainer.’ You will soon enter the world of SMC student Roy Elghanayan, who just happens to be one of the world’s top trainers in the Israeli martial art known as Krav Maga. “It really is the ultimate self-defense system, and if your goal is to learn how to really defend yourself, this is it,” explains Roy. “Plus,” he adds with a dark chuckle, “you’ll also get into fantastic shape. Whether you want to or not.”

In a time of terrorism and global conflict, the Israeli Defense Forces need to be armed with every possible advantage. And Roy provides them with the devastating weapon of ultimate hand-to-hand combat. In his various videos, you can witness how such weapons as machine guns, knives, and the garrote are quickly and ruthlessly rendered useless. And Roy is a former trainer of the Israeli Special Forces trainers in this unique form of combat. He is—to put it lightly—among the elite of the elite in his chosen field. But at SMC, he also enjoys simply being a student.

“I’ve been at SMC for just about a year now, because my brother wouldn’t let me go anywhere else. He just told me that SMC was the best. And he was right.” Running his own business, paying his own bills, and taking classes at SMC provide Roy with what he calls “a very interesting schedule.” Says he, “I very much enjoy the teachers I have here. Even the very tough ones.” And you can enjoy hearing Roy’s voice as he learns the gentle art of singing at SMC. Just don’t try sneaking up on him to do it….

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