Rungnapa Wongphuang “I came to SMC because it has a very good reputation in my country. I do love California but I also miss Thailand.”

From halfway around the world, Rungnapa Wongphuang has come to SMC to go toe-to-toe with a formidable opponent: the English language. But it’s a fight she’s already winning. “To learn English is very important for me, because it’s the language that everybody speaks, all over the world. And I like to think that I’ll become a very international kind of person.” She reports that she’s quite pleased with the progress that she’s seen in herself at SMC.

“I study ESL with Ms. Afable, and she makes those classes so nice. She is always smiling, and she really understands us and what we have to go through to learn,” she says. “And my other classes are also very good, and I have made many good friends in them, from so many different countries. SMC is a very international college, where you can make a lot of good connections. And I recommend this college to all international students. In fact,” she adds, “I have been in touch with a lot of friends in Thailand to tell them about SMC. And many of them will be coming here. And that’s exciting!”

If all goes according to her plans, Rungnapa will be immersing herself soon in the Sciences at SMC. “I have always wanted to be a nurse, and I hear that the Nursing program here is a very good one. I just love helping people, and if I succeed, I will go home to help the people of my country. California is wonderful,” she adds. “But Thailand will always be my home.”

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