Sandra Evaldsson

“Of course I miss Sweden and my family and my friends. But just not so much during the wintertime!”

She’d only been at SMC for one-and-a-half months, but Sandra Evaldsson was already feeling enthusiastic about the College. “Most of all, it’s the incredible environment and the climate that we have here. So much better than in Sweden, and with so much sun! Plus, I’m meeting people from all over the world here, and I’ve never seen any place with so many different nationalities.” Sandra reports, “I’ve been to LA for, like, five times for vacations, and one of those times, I met a bunch of Swedish guys. They were all studying at SMC, and they told me a lot of great stuff about the College. So, here I am!”

Sandra admits that she’s not exactly certain about what sort of business she’d like to get involved with yet. “But I’m kinda thinking about merchandising. I just don’t know for sure. But I’ll do anything, as long as it’s somehow creative and not boring.” She adds, “I wasn’t really all that surprised by the quality of education I found when I got here because, internationally, SMC has such a great reputation. But I am very impressed by one teacher here in particular. And that’s my math instructor, Paul Graves. He’s very good at what he’s doing, and he has a great way of teaching us. He always seems to find some way to make the process of learning fun and enjoyable.”

Sandra states, “I have a lot of night classes, and I really enjoy them. I meet a lot of people there who are very open-minded and friendly. And sometimes we’ll get together after classes and head on down to Venice to hang out, which I love. And when you’re down in Venice at night,” she says with a laugh, “you definitely know you’re not in Gothenberg anymore!”

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