Sara Brewer “I’ve been like the busiest person on earth. I feel that I could easily do this work 24 hours a day.”

If it’s creative, plugs in, whirs, clicks, rewinds, and ends up being seen by millions of online viewers, you’re gonna want Sara Brewer to teach you how to use it. “I came here out of industry—the whole Internet/dot-com world—where I just worked when I felt like it,” says Sara. But now, I’m teaching three completely different classes: Video Production, Web Design, and Mass Communication. And it’s my first semester at SMC, so I have to get everything done by myself. But it’s fine with me because I just seem to thrive when I’m super busy.”

Sara states that the one thing she guarantees her students is “Energy! I mean, I’m young, so I can relate to my students and blend in with them. I got my Master’s when I was 23, and I’m only 25 now, so I think my students feel very comfortable coming to me with their questions and problems. And I’m definitely on top of what’s cutting edge with the convergence of new media and Internet applications. So when it’s Mass Communication or the Internet, I’m gonna be a good resource.”

Sara recently finished work on the “graphical user interface for Norton Antivirus 2002, which is exciting because zillions of people are going to see it.” But she was feeling just as ‘plugged in’ with what her future looks like at SMC. “I’m working on a website for the Academic Senate, and I’m making all the syllabi for all these classes,” says Sara. “But the best thing about the College is my colleagues, who are really, really cool,” she says. “I’ve wanted to teach for a long time now, and I couldn’t ask for a better place than SMC.”

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