Sarah Montes “If I had gone to a big university right away, I think I would have been lost. But at SMC, I could experiment and find what I really love doing.”

The “experiment” that Sarah Montes has been conducting at SMC is the result of a very personal decision she made. “I was accepted to three Cal State universities, and there was a lot of pressure on me from my parents and sisters. But I knew in my heart I wasn’t ready, and I didn’t know what to major in. I’d been to a medically oriented high school,” Sarah continues, “and I thought I’d be a pediatrician. But I soon realized that wasn’t for me.” Enter SMC into Sarah’s life.

“When I first came here, I had this feeling that I should just look around for a while. And that’s how I found my way into Graphic Design,” says the young woman who was born in that ‘little town’ to the south, Mexico City. “And I’ve had some really good teachers here, like Mr. Martinez in Graphic Design. He’s the kind of teacher who makes a lot of difficult ideas seem very clear and simple. And he knows an awful lot about what companies and studios are expecting when they hire you,” says Sarah. “So these classes have helped me a lot to make decisions about my career.”

Sarah states, “I hope to transfer to either Cal Poly or San Luis Obispo, and then go into my main interest: Advertising.” But one thing she’s already “advertising” is the great SMC resource known as the Women’s Center. “I really like working there, and my coworkers are all very nice,” says Sarah. “The counselors are very supportive and helpful, and they offer all kinds of resources. Women at SMC can just walk in and get all kinds of support from us; personal or academic. Support,” she continues, “is what we’re there for.”

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