Nutrition/Human Development

Sasha Hohn “I’m in my first online class right now: Computer Science 3. And it’s actually a lot of fun, but you have to be really disciplined to make sure you get it all done!”

The US Army is a way up and out for a lot of young people like Sasha Hohn. But for her, the US military wasn’t just a ticket to the GI Bill. “What happened was that I ended up getting a medical discharge. I was in a training routine, and when we had to fire a certain kind of gun,” she recalls, “I just kept passing out. The frequency of that particular noise just really took me down.”

Far from her native Georgia, Sasha’s path to SMC was sometimes a tortuous one. “I’ve come across so many obstacles to come here. I didn’t have the money, I didn’t have a car... you name it! I was actually enrolled in a college in Riverside, but I would never go because I didn’t feel comfortable. My life just wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go.” But then a move to Santa Monica—and SMC—made Sasha’s life turn around. “I’m really very happy living here, and working and going to the College. I’d heard a lot of great things about SMC; its transfer rates and all the good reviews it gets. And I really like how everything is so organized here, and that there are so many programs for everyone. Finally, I’ve found a place that makes me feel comfortable.”

It’s Sasha’s plan to “become a Registered Dietician and open up human development centers for both youth and senior citizens. I think that young people can use all the guidance they can get these days. And with all the Baby Boomers getting older, there’s gonna be a huge demand for gerontology.” Sasha says that her online experience has been a real treat. “Our teacher presents us with about 10 videos a week, which are very interesting. I’m learning things that I never expected to learn. And I can do it all in my spare time and just have fun with it!”

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