Electronic Engineering

Sasha Mirabi “SMC is so good, especially for learning English. I feel very confident about learning this language, even though I’ve only been in America two months.”

He was only in his first semester at SMC, but was already keenly cognizant of the profound differences between the US and his native Iran. “I came here to study because I knew that education here is much better than it is at home. You have so many more choices here. I mean, I studied electronic engineering for three years in Iran, and I thought that was it,” says Sasha Mirabi in perfect English. “But now, I’m even considering going into dentistry, because that is a very good profession to have in this country.”

When Sasha’s thoughts turn toward his homeland, they most usually include memories of his family. “I miss them all very much, and I hope to see them all again soon. But the situation in Iran is very confusing—difficult—and I don’t really know what is happening to my country. The politics are terrible. So, for now, it is better for me to live here.” When asked if he misses the native cuisine of Iran at all, he replies with a hearty laugh. “Oh no! There are so many Persians here that they have markets for all of us. So I can get everything I need at the markets in LA. Good restaurants, too.”

Sasha chose SMC for many reasons, but chiefly for the ‘feel’ of the College. “It’s just the atmosphere here: It’s beautiful, and it’s open. And a lot of my friends in America told me that I would fall in love with this place. Plus, the teachers are very accomplished people, and they put in a lot of extra time to help us all, to counsel us, and to tell us how we can become better students. I’m learning a lot about how to interact with all kinds of people here,” he continues. “And if I keep doing well, there is no doubt that I will transfer to UCLA. And then, I’ll have even more choices opening up for me.”

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