Scherrie T. Brown “You need to make friends and talk to a lot of people when you come here. That’s the way to build your own support system.”

“I’m in the CARE Program for single mothers that’s offered through EOP&S,” says Scherrie Brown. “And it’s really neat because this weekend we’re having a little brunch and an Easter egg hunt for all the babies at school. And I have to say that Financial Aid has helped me out a lot so far. I’m only in my first semester, but it’s going great.”

So what is Scherrie studying? Let’s see: chemistry, anatomy, and bacteriology. That would be pre-med, right? Nope. “I’m in cosmetology, and it’s a lot more difficult than I ever thought,” says Scherrie. “A lot of people think that if you can’t do anything else, you go into cosmetology. But it’s a working field that’s constantly growing. And there’s a lot of money to be made there too.”

She credits her department head Mrs. Hughes with running a tough regimen of theory and practical classroom experience. “She’s a really interesting person who’s worked in the field and really knows the ups and downs of the trade,” says Scherrie. “She knows all about what it takes to set up your own clientele and how to manage all the business side of things too.” After her 1,600 hours of instruction and practical training, Scherrie looks forward to taking her State Board exam to become certified. “I know that with the instructors I have at SMC, I’m going to be well prepared for that,” she says. And what’s in the future?

“Well, 20 years from now I can see myself working as a traveling cosmetologist,” says Scherrie. “Just load up everything in a big mobile home and take my whole show on the road.”

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