Sean Ohebsian “Designing everything is all going toward computers now. There’s no more manual work. So computers are next on my agenda.”

He’s always feeling impatient, can’t wait to transfer on to USC and graduate, and then start his career erecting grand buildings as an architect. But even though he’s champing at the bit, Sean Ohebsian knows there are lot of small hurdles to clear along the way. “I don’t think my grades are good enough for USC yet, but I’m really working on them,” he says. “I’ve got big math and history tests tomorrow, so it looks like it’ll be a long night.” And though Sean’s confident in his abilities, he’s also aware that there comes a time to ask for help. And he’s found this at SMC.

“If I have a problem area, it would have to be in my math studies,” says Sean. “But I’m not too worried about that because I can always drop into the Math Lab to get some extra help. There are always people in there who will sit down with you and explain things you might be struggling with,” he continues. “The teachers themselves are always the best source for answers. But when they’re not around, I know where to go for answers.”

Sean enjoys the distinct advantage of knowing exactly what his career goals are. “I just like building things, and nothing else interests me,” he says. “I’ve been drawing and making plans for buildings ever since I was a little kid, and I want to take that artistic talent and translate it into skyscrapers and other big projects.” To hone his artistic side, Sean is deeply into art studies at SMC. “I’ve had great art teachers here, like Mr. Davis in Art Design and Mr. Anaya, who were inspiring to me,” says Sean. “I will be an architect, no question about it. But if I don’t make millions, that’s okay, too. The important thing is to live a good life.”

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