Sholeh Asgary “If you’re at SMC to learn, and if you’re there to study, you’ll find there’s no shortage of help. There’s no shortage of anything.”

“I’ve always liked drawing and art, but I didn’t feel that I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to apply these skills to something practical,” says Sholeh Asgary of the career in architecture she’s decided on at SMC. “I want to go with making buildings—houses or monuments—something on a large scale. And architecture, I think, is a lot like art. But it also requires a lot of problem-solving skills, and that’s what really attracts me to it.”

If architecture is, as Friedrich von Schelling called it, “frozen music,” then Sholeh benefits from studying with some major ‘composers’ at SMC. “Both of my architecture teachers—Mr. Sam and Mr. Hogan—are just excellent. Both of them have a lot of real world experience in the field,” says Sholeh. “I have to admit that Mr. Sam scared me off a little at first: He knows so much that he’s like an art critic, and all I heard was the criticism. But now I find it very helpful to have both of my teachers tell me straight out what I need to improve on. And they also point out the things that I’m doing really well, which builds my confidence.”

In her first year of college, Sholeh reports being pleased with the changes she’s already seeing in herself. “In college, you’re on your own, but I don’t find that intimidating at all. I really enjoy it, though it’s a lot of hard work. What I’m learning now is that my time is very precious to me, and that life requires good time management. Now I have to build my social life around my schoolwork,” says Sholeh. “But I’m also realizing that—with careful planning—I’m getting involved in things that I’ve always wanted from my life.”

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