Interior Design

Stephanie Drozen “I’m so very happy to be going back to college at SMC. And this is especially true because I’m studying something that I love, and not just something that I’m required to learn.”

The great writer Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., once wrote: Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God. The wisdom of that statement is surely borne out by the life of Stephanie Drozen. “My husband is Italian, but we met here before he moved on to Australia and Southeast Asia. He finally wound up in London, where I visited him four times. And we decided that the only way we could be together was to get married.” But this was far from a marriage of convenience, as Stephanie reports. “The good news about SMC these days it that I’m learning Italian from a woman who’s from there; Camilla Naham,” says Stephanie. “And since we’ll eventually have kids, I want them to be bilingual. And one day, maybe we’ll all live in the ‘old country.’ ”

But while awaiting her ‘dream life’ in the vineyard country of northern Italy, Stephanie has certainly been no dreamer here. “I was a sales rep in the fashion industry for six years, and now I’m a furniture designer,” she says. But it’s as an interior designer that Stephanie plans to carve out her fame and fortune. “I came to SMC because I learned it’s the best community college that you can go to. It’s just my first semester in the Interior Design program, but already I know that this was the right decision. I heard that it’s a great program, and I’m really looking forward to learning about drafting and drawing.”

Stephanie credits Cary Childress with making her re-entry to college a smooth transition. “He’s just very thorough and informative, and he’s got great patience. So I know that I’m not going to miss anything,” she says. And though—at this point—she doesn’t plan on getting an actual degree, she’s excited about what the future holds. “I want to take the tools and skills that I’m learning at SMC and design great homes all over the world. Maybe even in Italy!” Buon viaggio, Stephanie….

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