Surranna Vermef “Medicine is a never-ending learning process, which is very appealing to me. You’re confronted every moment with vastly different experiences.”

She’d been to other colleges doing her prerequisites for med school, but this was her first semester at SMC. “I’m feeling very good and confident about this,” says Surranna Vermef. “The teachers are great, and I’m glad that I chose this college, because I want to get somewhere in life, and this is where I’m really starting.” She’s moved around the country a lot in her young life: Seattle, Arizona, Los Angeles. But this, she insists, is in keeping with her ancestral patterns.

“It’s what I call the ‘Oregon Trail Phenomenon’ – where my European ancestors heading to Washington encountered the Indians. And with a Mexican father, I ended up being a German-Spanish-Indian-all-American,” she says with a laugh. The ‘trail’ may yet take Surranna to Oregon for med school. “I want to be a pathologist because I’ve always loved the sciences and been good at them,” she states. “Plus, I’ve been working at giving basic care in hospitals for the past five years, and it’s just an environment that suits me perfectly.”

But her environment at SMC these days is opening vistas that she’s only dreamed of in the past. “The technology at SMC is the most intense thing I’ve ever experienced,” she says with genuine fervor. “Even without the great teachers here, you can find all the answers you need through things like the language labs and the computer labs. The resources here to help you with your studies are absolutely incredible.”

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