​​Computer Science/AET

Taehoon Kim “I heard in Korea that SMC was one of the best colleges in California. This school has a very good reputation back home.”

“I always wanted to come to California for a better education and a better future,” says Taehoon Kim, who’s been at SMC since 2004. “The weather here is always so beautiful! Korea is nice too, but always too hot or too cold. Here, it’s always just right.” Taehoon’s family has been completely supportive of his desire to get an American education. “They really just want whatever is best for me,” he says. “My major in Korea was also Computer Science, but in this country people teach you in a very different way, which I like very much.”

It’s Taehoon’s plan to use all the skills and programs he’s learning at SMC’s Academy of Entertainment & Technology to get into the world of film and television production. “I want to learn everything I can about the entertainment industry, and the Academy is a very good place to do this. I have teachers who have worked many years in Hollywood, and their experience is great. There are so many things to learn from them about making films, like editing and special effects,” says Taehoon. “It’s in the technical side of making movies that I think I can make a very good career.”

Taehoon reports that SMC offers him as many ways to learn as he could wish for. “I’m just about to start my first online class, which is CS3 [Introduction to Computer Systems]. And I think this will maybe be a challenging way to study because—when you’re online—there is only you yourself to know if you’re doing okay.” He also says, “I like living in California very much, and I want to transfer to UC San Diego, another beautiful place. There are many things that I miss about my home,” he adds wistfully. “Like my friends from high school. But I’ve also made a lot of new American friends. And if I want some good Korean food, I can always go to Koreatown here in Los Angeles!”

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