SMC Staff

Teresa Garcia “People at SMC have made me see all the possibilities. And they’ve opened doors for me in every way possible.” ​

She was getting all the details handled for her rapidly approaching wedding. But beyond that, she’s been “cleaning the decks” in the admissions office. “Next week enrollment begins,” says Teresa Garcia, “and around here that always means ‘crunch’ time.”

“I actually started here as a student helper,” says Teresa who got her A.A. degree at SMC and is now permanent staff. “I’m the admissions evening coordinator. I make sure all the problems get handled. And whatever happens at night,” she says with a laugh, “it’s mine!”

Teresa was recently accepted for the master’s program in counseling at Loyola. “That’s a good step up for me because I work with a lot of counselors so I know what students are looking for.” She adds that working “face to face” with students is something she enjoys as much as learning in general. “I’ve always loved school,” says Teresa. “So it’s really just natural for me to work in education.”

Helping students find their way through “the process” is something of a mission for Teresa. “Students always need to feel that there’s someone who can help them find direction,” she says. “You couldn’t do this job if you didn’t like working closely with people.” She says that being in admissions is exciting—even without a “crunch” and a marriage around the corner. “It’s always interesting,” she says. “And a lot of that has to do with Dr. Moore’s philosophy: shake things up and see what happens. That keeps us on our toes.”

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