Academy of Entertainment & Technology/Graphic Design

Terry Henderson

“The quality of the learning life at SMC is really good. It’s a challenging curriculum that pushes you to become the best artist you can be.”

He was just about to finish his second year at SMC and planning on an imminent transfer to Cal State Northridge. “I chose SMC because I wanted to play football for a good team while I studied. Well, the football didn’t work out,” says Terry Henderson, without a hint of regret. “But graphic design definitely work out, and I’m excited about what all this means for my future.”

Though the ‘impact’ of being a defensive footballer might be missing, Terry reports no lack of stimulus in his SMC classes. “I’ve always loved a challenge, and SMC’s Academy [of Entertainment & Technology] certainly gives me that. I feel that it pushes me a lot. But I like to think that I’ve always been good under pressure. I might not be knocking people down on the field anymore,” he says with a laugh. “But I’m still loving that good old adrenaline rush that SMC gives me.” A recent challenge Terry rose to was an Internet class he was immersed in. “Yeah, it’s Page Publications Design, and it’s been really good for me. I need this particular skill because I’ve always wanted to be involved in advertising. I love putting together catch phrases, photography, logos, brochures… all of it,” he says. “And what I’m learning at SMC lets me become an artist with many options opened up.”

Terry says, “Bonnie Tanaka has been a great teacher for me in Typography Design 1. We do her assignments and share them with the whole class. Then she gives us wonderful critiques. And with the feedback you get from all the other students, it’s a very interactive way to learn.” Terry adds that “the Academy gives you amazing access not only to technology, but also to your teachers. If you can’t find them in their offices, you just go online. And that’s a great way to keep your connections strong.”

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