Graphic Arts

Theresa Grant

“Graphic Arts can really be my ‘ticket to ride.’ I could go to Italy and work for an architect, a photographer… you name it. And I could help them to create their space.”

There was a pretty horrifying ‘ouch’ moment that struck Theresa Grant in the midst of her Fine Arts career. “Yeah, I had a really bad accident, which definitely put a detour in plans. I was working with animals—another of my passions—and a lot of them were ill. The short version of this story is that I was unloading a crate with a 150-pound German shepherd in it. The load shifted, so I just tried to ‘bench press’ all the weight to protect the dog. And it broke my back. I was told that I’d never walk again.”

Ah, but Theresa had an ace up her sleeve! “I was a serious bodybuilder before the accident, and my surgeon told me that it was a saving grace in my physical rehab. I know it wasn’t such a hot idea to ‘press’ that dog,” she says with a rueful laugh. “But the alternative was watching an old dog getting run over in traffic. Gravity won, and I went down.” But now Theresa is more or less mobile, and strengthening her body and resolve daily. “Some days are better, some days not so good. This is my first year back in college trying to retrain myself. I’ve always been in the Fine Arts,” she continues, “But now I’m going into Graphic Design, because it will allow me more flexibility in my life. AKA money!”

As to her ultimate aim for her future, Theresa plans to “one day open up a children’s gardening center, where kids can learn about the arts, and also be planting things and watching them grow. I’d like to teach kids how to make pots, paint them, and make them aware how important art—and all living things—are for all of us.”

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