Communications/Welcome Center

Tiffany Chan “In Professor McGraw’s math classes, I didn’t even have to read the book! She explains everything so well, and she’s always right there for you when you have questions.”

When you are brand new to SMC, do yourself a big favor: Make your way over to the Welcome Center at the main campus and ask for advice. Once there, you might even be greeted by the beaming and eager face of Tiffany Chan. “Our entire job is to answer phone calls and questions, help people with their applications, and direct them to where to go next,” explains Tiffany. “Very often we will set up an appointment with a counselor, who can explain everything about what people need to do to make SMC successful for them.”

If what she says sounds a little bit like public relations, that’s probably because Tiffany plans on doing exactly that in her future. “I like working with people and I have good writing skills, so I think that being in PR would be suitable for me,” she says. “I also did a lot of public speaking before I came here from Hong Kong, so I just feel very comfortable getting up to talk in front of people.” Nearing the completion of her SMC years, Tiffany plans on transferring to USC in the fall. She adds that SMC “is a great place for international students to come, because the teachers and counselors here are very happy to help them adapt to another country and another language, if they need to.”

It was actually Tiffany’s older brother who set her feet on the path toward “Rancho Pico...” er... SMC. “He told me that the transfer rate to UC was the best, and that it’s a great place to start if you want to get your education in America. The teachers and counselors here are great, and I can strongly recommend SMC.” Tiffany plans—if all goes well—to live and work in both the US and in Hong Kong. “I would love to travel between both countries, but I’ll always miss Hong Kong,” she says. “You just can’t get good Chinese food here!”

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