Black Collegians / Pre-Law

Tijera Rencher

“Without education, where are you gonna go? It gets you where you want to be in life. And without it, you’re always going to be battling upstream.”

In her second year at SMC, Tijera Rencher could report, “Being in the Black Collegians is like having another family away from home. We’re all concerned about how each of us is doing, and we motivate each other to do better. And when one of us discovers some way to get a better grade in a class, well… that’s knowledge that we all share.”

As Director of Activities for her club, Tijera is jumping all over the place to help other students get her ‘Message.’ “I’ll put together college tours and fun things like Movie Nights. Whatever it takes to keep us together as a group, and help us all to get to every next level in school. And building a cohesive community within our group also means that we don’t just cater to African Americans. People of any race are welcome to join Black Collegians. And in this way,” Tijera continues, “we can all learn about each others’ cultures and customs in an intimate, sociable setting. This can also turn into a much larger forum that might ultimately have a great impact on society in general.” If you get a sense in reading this that Tijera has a certain ‘way with words,’ you’d be right.

“I’m in love with CNN and Court TV, and just seeing the ambition and fire in prosecutors’ eyes made me want to be a lawyer. On my high school debate team, I did really well, and people were always telling me, ‘You should be a lawyer.’ And I began to believe that myself. What I plan on doing is to go into ‘white collar’ criminal law, and possibly into entertainment law, as well. But being an African American and a woman, I know that my struggles will be a lot tougher than for many others. But I’m always ready for a challenge. And I plan to let others like myself know that ‘Yes. You can do this too!’ ”

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