College Friend

Tim D’Angelo “I met my wife in the SMC bookstore. We’ve been married 12 years and we’ve got three kids. So I have a pretty fond connection with the school.”

It’s a family connection with the D’Angelos at SMC. “Dad’s been there for 30 years,” says son Tim, the second of four D’Angelo boys to graduate from SMC. “Dad was in the athletic department for years. And my first recollection of the campus was being the waterboy for the Corsairs.”

Involvement with athletics stayed a constant with Tim over the years and eventually led to an SMC record toss in the javelin event. He was recruited to the UCLA track team where, he says proudly, “I was a member of the 1978 NCAA championship track and field team.”

But Tim works out on a different kind of track these days: the fast track in business. “I’m a first vice president with Coldwell Banker,” he says. “I’ve done really well in business and I feel that I just continued my success in school on into the business world.” Tim actually began his studies at SMC in English, but was seriously drawn to a couple of classes in business and economics. “And those classes, which were definitely not easy, were what got me attracted to the whole world of business,” he says.

“I wanted to get those two years under my belt before going on to a big university,” says Tim. “I got an absolutely fine education here. And the student/teacher ratio was great. At SMC, you can really get a much more intimate education.”

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