Academy of Entertainment Technology/Graphic Design

Tinielle Jones

“My teachers have all been very open, and they have helped me in so many ways. They’re always there when I need them, and I feel very satisfied.”

Tinielle Jones takes great delight in… taking delight! Even with her unusual first name. “Every single time I say it, people are, like, ‘Oh. Captain and Tennille?’ ” she says with a great laugh. “And I say, ‘Yep. That’s me, but Mom just got a little creative with the spelling.’ ” In her two years at SMC, Tinielle reported seeing the kinds of changes in herself that she always knew she was capable of making. “To be honest, I kinda slacked off in high school. But when I graduated, I made a commitment to myself to do waaay better in college. And I’m really working hard now, and I’ve got a 3.7 GPA to show for it.”

Tinielle chose SMC “because of its transfer rate to UCLA. And I know that the College will get me there. I’ve always known that I’d be going to one of the big four-year universities. But I’m completely impressed with the quality of teachers that I’ve had here. Like my professor for English 1. She was always really active with her students, and very understanding when we had to struggle. She was pretty lenient,” Tinielle continues, “but she was also pretty tough at the same time. That’s what we all loved about her.”

Tinielle adds, “Speech was another class that really helped me, because you just have to represent yourself intelligently—both in the classroom and in your chosen profession.” She further states, “Ten years from now, you’ll find me at Sony or Warner Brothers or DreamWorks. And you’ll be seeing one of my billboards going up. I just really want to get a reputation as one of the greatest graphic designers in the business.”

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