Tré Brown

“I was raised by my dad, who went to college and graduated. And I always knew I’d go to college as well, because that’s what he expected of me.”

Tré Brown was in his first year at SMC and could report loving it. “This is all just so much fun!” he says with real enthusiasm. “It’s a very beautiful college, and the library is sensational. It’s a great place to study and connect with all kinds of people,” But it’s in SMC’s vaunted Photography program that Tré reports making huge progress.

“I study with Albert Myers, and he is just an excellent teacher. He’s a lot of fun. But he’s also very strict about making sure that we really understand all the fundamentals and technical aspects. Right now,” Tré continues, “I’m learning a ton of stuff about f-stops and shutter speeds and how much light you want to bring into a room. We’re also learning how to use the iPhone, both indoors and outdoors. And I have a lot of friends in the department who are doing all sorts of creative projects. So I get to learn from all of them, as well.”

Tré speaks fluent Spanish and had also embarked on “an exploration of French. French is a very tough and challenging language, but I think that learning it can’t do anything but help me in the future.”

Tré adds that “being a student means taking your education very seriously and discovering what your passions are. And 10 years from now, you can expect to see me working at Fox Studios or with models and musical talent. Or maybe I’ll just continue with my soccer to the point where I turn pro. Now that would also qualify as a fun job!”

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