Tyler Jack

“You need to figure out what you want to do, and then focus on that. If you just take a bunch of random classes, it just isn’t going to add up very well.”

“My English teacher last semester—Professor Driscoll—was really excellent. He helped me to understand what the value of going to college is all about,” said Tyler Jack in his second semester at SMC. “He also taught us how to write our essays in a very fun and helpful way. And he always communicated to us at our level through normal conversations. He just somehow always knew how to get his material across to us.”

Tyler says, “SMC really is a ‘community’ where you meet so many nice people. And it just always feels kind of open and liberating to me. And the kinds of help you can get here? Like the SMC Library and all the counseling? It feels like you can get whatever kind of assistance you need, and you can find it everywhere. It gives me the feeling that SMC really values what all of us students are looking for, and then delivers it.” Tyler adds, “I’ve been looking a lot lately into the online classes here, and it seems that—through them—you can learn just about anything. And if you take some of those classes, you can do it on your own time. And I think that way of learning is a lot more laid-back; not so stressful.”

Tyler notes, “UC Berkeley is my first choice for transfer, and I plan to study History extensively when I get there. I think that if you learn the lessons of history, it can help you solve some of the problems of our world, like overpopulation and poverty. It’s fascinating to put together historical pieces in the puzzle of our past so we can understand, better, the world that we live in today.”

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