Veronica Flores

“There are hidden ‘treasures’ all over the place at SMC! You just have to dig ’em up. And that means asking lots of questions.”

In her second year at SMC, Veronica Flores had a small confession to make. “SMC wasn’t really my first choice when I started applying. I was actually—and to my surprise—accepted by a lot of the UC and Cal State campuses. But I wasn’t able to get any financial aid, so SMC became my best shot,” she recalls. “And when I got here, I suddenly found that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The students and teachers here are all wonderfully open and friendly. And I was able to get all the aid and counseling that I needed, including a Board of Governors Fee Waiver.”

Through the services offered by the Transfer/Counseling Center, Veronica unearthed one of her most valuable SMC ‘treasures.’ “Yep, they got me into Madeline Nella’s Counseling 12 class, and she’s helped me incredibly in finding out what sort of career might be best for me. She walked me through a lot of tests to find out what sort of personality type I am,” Veronica says. “Turns out that I’m an in-between type. But I’m also very outgoing, apparently. And because of how I tested, I may be going into some sort of medical field or teaching. I’ve always been good in the sciences,” she says. “And it feels pretty good to now have some better focus in my direction in life.”

Veronica currently plays the tuba in her music class at the SMC Performing Arts Center. “But I also play trombone and flute. Music is always gonna be important to me. But my priority now is all about making a career. And SMC’s counselors will help me get there. EOPS is a great financial help, but there are tons of other resources available, too. All you need to do is ask questions, and the answers will come.”

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