William Rogers “I think the really beautiful thing about SMC is that they allow people from all walks of life to transition really easily.”

Julio Iglesias, heavy metal and modern jazz may not be the ideal sound mix you’d like to hear while buzzing along the freeways. But for William Rogers—a recording engineer who has captured all those sounds and is now a psychology student at SMC—making an interesting “mix” is what life is all about. “The supportive environment of SMC is great,” says William who continues to work while studying. “I’m still in production on records. But people must develop every facet of their being. We are not meant to be like the factory workers of the 1800s who slaved away for 18 hours a day. And at this college, you’re given the opportunity to discover many other levels of being that we can develop.”

Among William’s discoveries at SMC is Psych 35, a class taught by Candace Goodfellow. “It’s ‘disguised’ as a class on cross-cultural issues in psychology but it’s really a doorway connecting everything from Jungian therapy to indigenous cultures,” says William. “I call it ‘anthro-psych’ because it ties a lot of loose ends together in the study of humanity. It gives people a sense of connectedness.”

William, who is also a published astrologer and a therapist who uses music to heal, plans to combine all his interests and talents in a new form of holistic healing. “I’d like to eventually translate everything I’m involved in into breaking into new frontiers of healing through sound, therapy and touch,” he says. “But in the meantime, I enjoy making the rounds of the clubs to find new artists and maybe discovering some groundbreaking new kinds of sounds in the music industry.”

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