Yasser Nokoudy

“I have to tell you that SMC is the best! They have a great relationship with UCLA and—no guarantees—but that’s where I plan to transfer to.”

“I’ve got to tell you that I’m in a wonderful place in my life, man!” says Yasser Nokoudy in his perfect SoCal dialect. “I’m getting everything at SMC, from Science to Psychology. I actually majored in Nursing for a while, and then I went into Business for a semester. But now I’m majoring in Arabic and Counseling, where I’ll get my Master’s. And did I mention that my dad is Egyptian?” Yasser continues. “He’s very happy that I’m studying Arabic, because he wants me to know all about my Egyptian heritage.”

Yasser explains—energetically—that “everybody at SMC has been phenomenal, man! And I’ve been, like, so active everywhere here! I joined the Black Collegians, I was in the TRIO program, I was really into Athletics, and I utilized all the Counseling offices. I think everyone in every department here knows who I am!” he says with a laugh. “I just think it’s incredibly important to interact with all sorts of people at this college. To get all kinds of different perspectives from your teachers, the counselors, and certainly from other students. I mean,” he continues, “I never would have thought a couple of years ago that I’d be going down this path. But here I am!”

Yasser adds, “Guiding other people to help them find their dreams and satisfaction in their lives is what I’m all about. It’s been a pretty long process to discover this. But when you finally realize what you’re best at and who you want to be, it’s a very exciting and liberating sort of feeling.”

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