High Tech Training Center/Business

Yunus Yar “Most foreign students first go to a community college to learn English. And SMC is the best referral that anyone could ever make for them.”

He got his AA in Computer Programming, he’s now studying Business and Robotics at SMC, and he transfers to Cal State Northridge next fall. Yunus Yar, from Turkey, is having an absolute blast. But the process of learning—before coming to SMC—was a painful one. “In elementary school I was always the last person to hand in my tests. Sometimes my teachers would snatch them away,” recalls Yunus. “I never understood what was happening.” But that changed when Yunus arrived at SMC.

“I went to the Learning Disabilities Program which is part of the Center for Students with Disabilities, and they discovered that I have attention deficit disorder and slow processing disorder. And I’d never even heard of those things before,” he says in excellent English. “So I got the right medications. And now I can concentrate on my studies, and it’s usually all As or a rare B,” he says proudly. But there are still a lot of ‘adaptations’ for Yunus along his path to becoming a successful businessman. “I get to take my tests in special rooms where I can concentrate, and they give me ample time,” says Yunus. “And that takes the stress out of test situations. And Ellen and Tom in the High Tech Training Center are the nicest people I’ve ever met. They’ve always been guides for me in how to study and organize, and I think they’ve helped in my success a lot.”

Yunus loves his “music, computers, and electricity. But I want to be in sales and marketing because—hey!—that’s where the money is. In spite of some struggles I’ve had, I was always hopeful for myself. And SMC gave me some opportunities to discover who and what I am. When I came here,” he adds, “I had a lot of figuring out to do.”

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