Forensic Pathology

Zaida Rodriguez

“It’s the people that make this college great. The students, the teachers, and everyone else here who promotes education. It’s simply a perfect learning environment.”

“A couple of the best things about SMC are the beauty of the campuses and the people themselves,” said Zaida Rodriguez in her second semester at the College. “I’m always meeting people here who have a lot of determination to succeed in whatever they’re doing. They really motivate me and, because of that, I’ve seen a lot of very good changes in myself. I know now that I’m doing the right thing, and that I’ll be productive in my future life.”

It’s the Sciences at SMC that are pretty much devouring Zaida’s time these days. “I’ve always loved science and how it pretty much governs the physical world,” she says. And if she has her way, science will become a large part in the career that she’s busily mapping out. “I’m going into Forensic Pathology, because it seems to be a very fascinating field. It’s the kind of work where you’ll never get bored, because you never know what to expect on any given day,” she says. “Each day will be its own case study, in a way. And forensics is also a great way to strengthen communities, too, because you get to bring peace to grieving families, and get criminals off the streets. People just have to learn that they have responsibility for their actions,” she continues. “And if they’re making selfish decisions that are hurting other people, then they’re going to have to face the consequences of their actions.”

Zaida reports, “I never had any doubts that I’d be going to college, because all of my family has. And I’m quite impressed with the overall quality of SMC. My teachers have been great, and the College makes all the right moves to help people out. The various labs here have been incredible, and financial aid has been crucial for me. Whatever sort of help you need here, you just have to ask. And it will happen.”

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