Applied Learning

Applied learning is an approach to learning that integrates classroom learning with real-world experiences.  Through reflective exercises, applied learning supplements the learning that occurs in classroom settings as well as challenges students to put into action the knowledge and skills they are developing through their coursework at non-profits, private businesses and organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions.  Applied learning can be used across the curriculum, in all disciplines and levels of coursework, from introductory basic skills courses to career training courses to transfer level courses.  Furthermore, applied learning can also advance racial, ethnic, and cultural understanding, meet unmet community needs, and provide contextualized learning, and encourage student empowerment.

The Role of the Applied Learning Program

The role of the Applied Learning Program is to be a liaison between SMC instructors, applied learning students and community partners that provide real world opportunities for SMC students.  As a liaison, the Applied Learning Program helps to create and support the applied learning partnerships between all participants.

If you as a faculty member are interested in integrating an applied learning component into your course(s), the Applied Learning Program will:

  • Schedule and arrange applied learning student orientations with you where your students will receive materials and resources about applied learning including the following: an overview of the sign up process, placement site information, application and agreement forms to be completed and student expectations)

  • Ensure your students interested in applied learning complete the necessary paperwork to participate in a course with an applied learning component

  • Manage and maintain a database of student participants and provide you with reports of hours completed and current placement site

  • Manage and maintain a database of community partners

  • Maintain a collection of resources pertaining to applied learning and related topics including reflection and assessment/evaluation tools, Student, Community Partner and Faculty Guides for Applied Learning at SMC, and much more. 

The Applied Learning Program welcomes the opportunity to discuss the Applied Learning Program at SMC with you.  If you are interested in learning about our Applied Learning Program at SMC, please contact the Applied Learning Program or visit us at the Career Services Center.