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Etiquette Tip of the Week

Etiquette Tip of the Week:  How you sell you

When you are networking for a job or career leads, you are really in sales. The product you are selling… is you.

There are two key principles to be successful in sales:

1) You have to like the product you are selling.
That means you have to like yourself. Believe you are a good product that any organization would be lucky to have.

2) Realize selling is not about pushing a product on people who don’t need it. It’s about problem solving.

Selling is not just about discovering the goals of businesses and their owners. It’s about finding their pain. What are their challenges?

What can you do to solve their business issues or enhance their bottom line?

Networking is a little bit like cold calling -- because you have to start up conversations with people you don't know. And as we have mentioned before in the Etiquette Tip of the Week, we cold call (or network) because we never know who needs us.

Where can you start? Your local chamber of commerce has lots of events for people in business. Also look at your college or graduate school's alumni club.

The best jobs go to people who network.... so get selling.

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