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Rough Draft of Learning Objectives

Before submitting a rough draft of your learning objectives, you must attend an Internship Orientation.
You need not attend an Orientation more than one time. If you have previously attended an orientation, your name will be part of a sign-in sheet. Click here to see the schedule of future Orientations.
Please keep in mind the following as you write the rough draft of learning objectives:
  • The objectives must be measurable. You must be able to count how many you did of something.
  • The objectives must be substantial.
  • Check with your employer as you complete your rough draft to be sure he/she will be willing to sign off on your objectives at a later time.
  • Click on “submit” below to e-mail the Rough Draft Form to the Internship Program Coordinator.
  • The Internship Program staff will send a quick response saying, “Approved” or “Not approved” and comments/suggestions.
If you have any questions, please call the Internship Program staff at 310-434-4337, or e-mail​.

 Learning Objectives Rough Draft

Objective Number One

Objective Number Two

Objective Number Three