About GPS​​

SMC's GPS system is an online tool to help you stay connected with your instructors, counselors, and student services. You will receive feedback on how you are doing in class, and how to access services to help you succeed.

You can see a better picture of how you are doing through your student information, courses, tracking items, notes, and more! The system is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA).

For more information, view the PDF File GPS Student Flyer.

​How to Access SMC GPS

Students participating in one of the GPS pilot courses can log in using their SMC username and password. The full implementation of SMC's GPS system will begin in Fall 2020.

Login to SMC ​GPS

Enter your SMC username and password. The username and password are the same as your Corsair Connect login.

Set Up Profile

Student Profile Setup

  1. To update your information, click on your name to open your profile.

  2. Customizations:
    1. ​Add a photo. Note: Faculty and counselors can see your photo.
    2. Set and request personal email address notifications.
    3. Access text alerts.
    4. Set email reminder preferences.

Opt-in Text Messages

Enter the email address for your phone as indicated below for each provider.

Example: 3235551212@vtext.com 

Opt-in Text Message screen

This email address is a combination of the phone number and carrier information.

For more information, click on the cell phone icon (far right side) to view the list of common carriers and email address formats.

Text Messages

SMC GPS sends texts that tell you briefly what items were raised. Text messages prompt you to check email for more details.

Example: "‌Prof. Green has given you a 'Keep Up the Good Work' Kudos in Microbiology.

Note: Text messages do not replace emails. It gives you a reminder to check your emails.

Kudos, Flags, and Referrals

Instructors use kudos, flags, and referrals to communicate how you are doing in your course.

  • Kudo Icon A Kudo is raised by an instructor to recognize your hard work in their class.

  • Flag Icon A Flag is raised by an instructor to let you know they are here to help. Contact your instructor to see how they can support you in your class.

  • Referrals Icon A Referral is raised by an instructor or counselor to help connect you to services, like tutoring, counseling, and financial aid. This support will help you stay on track.

Kudos, Flags, and Referrals can only be viewed by you, the instructor that raised the flag, and any individuals associated with the flag like a counselor.​

​Notifications for Kudos, Flag or Referral

You will receive an email and text notification (if opted in).

When a flag or a referral is raised, counselors, tutors, or other SMC services may reach out to offer support.

If you have questions, contact your instructor.