COUNS 1, Developing Learning Skills 1 unit

• Prerequisite: None.

This course is designed to help students at all academic levels to improve their study skills in reading textbooks, taking notes, setting goals, preparing for examinations, and managing time. This course is offered on a credit/no credit basis only.

COUNS 11, Orientation To Higher Education 1 unit

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course introduces higher education and the Master Plan for Higher Education in California . Emphasis is on curricula available at community colleges, state and independent colleges and universities, and the University of California . Included will be discussion of non-curricular areas in higher education and general educational policies, student government and its role in education, and environmental differences in the various institutions of higher learning, especially in California . This course should prove especially useful to international students or others unfamiliar with the structure and philosophy of higher education, both public and private. Offered on a credit/no credit basis only.

COUNS 12, Career Planning 1 unit

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course is designed to inform and assist students in making appropriate and satisfying career choices. Using self-evaluation instruments, students identify interests, abilities, values, and goals. Skills necessary for future career investigation and decision-making are included.

COUNS 16, Job Success Skills 1 unit

• Prerequisite: None.

This entry-level employment course provides the skills that new employees need to retain their jobs. These skills include communicating skills; getting along with employers, supervisors, and customers; exhibiting positive attitudes and behaviors; adapting to the company culture; and surviving the initial months on the job.

COUNS 17, Conflict Resolution Skills 1 unit

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

Conflict is a fact of life. How one feels and behaves in response to conflict determines whether negative or positive outcomes are experienced. This course focuses on individual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors about conflict, and provides insight into the ways individuals can view conflict in a positive way. It also explores the various causes of conflict, mediation strategies and interventions, the practical ways in which conflict resolution could be implemented in daily life, as well as career paths that utilize conflict resolution skills.

COUNS 18, Behavior Management 1 unit

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

The aim of this course is to enable participants to identify behavioral patterns and physiological responses to anger expression and to examine and practice strategies for anger management.

COUNS 20, Student Success Seminar 3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course provides an exploration of intellectual, psychological, social, and physical factors that impact lifelong learning, well being, and success. Topics include motivation and self-efficacy; critical thinking and effective study strategies; health issues and lifestyle choices; relating to others in a diverse world; effective written and oral communication; time management; career exploration; and transfer and educational planning.

COUNS 90B, General Internship 2 units

Transfer: CSU • Prerequisite: None.

This course provides students with on-the-job practical work experience to enhance work-related skills, increase awareness of potential careers, and develop knowledge of the “work culture.” The internship need not be related to the students’ educational or career goal.

COUNS 906, American Sign Language Level 1 Beginner 0 units
COUNS 910, ABI Connections 0 units
COUNS 912, Developing Occupational Skills 0 units

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