Welcome! Whether you want to transfer from SMC to a university, earn an Associates degree or career certificate from SMC, or take courses for your own development, SMC counselors are here to help you map out a plan to reach your goals.

We're also here to help if your goals are unclear, if you are struggling with school, or if you're finding that personal and/or school-related problems are getting in the way of your success and well-being.  

I'm currently taking SMC classes

A good first stop for currently enrolled SMC students is the Transfer/Counseling Center, located on Pearl Avenue, ½ block west of 20th Street. SMC Counselors can:

  • Help you create an education plan
  • Answer questions about your current educational goal/s
  • Assist you in dealing with personal and/or school-related difficulties
  • Help you decide which SMC Counseling Programs could benefit you

There are several ways to see a Transfer/Counseling Center Counselor:

  • For quick questions that take 5 minutes or less, Express Counseling is available throughout the day in the Transfer/Counseling Center.
  • During peak enrollment times, students can be seen by a counselor on a "first-come, first-served" basis - please note that the wait can be long depending on student traffic.
  • During non-peak times, 1/2 hour counseling appointments can be arranged to meet with a counselor to discuss more in-depth educational issues. To determine whether appointments are presently being offered, please call (310)434-4210.

I'm not currently taking SMC classes

If you are not currently enrolled at SMC and have counseling questions, there are three ways to contact a Counselor:

  • For quick questions that take 5 minutes or less, Express Counseling is available throughout the day in the Transfer/Counseling Center, and if you are a new student please meet with a counselor in the Welcome Center .
    Please note that, because of demand, counseling appointments are reserved for currently enrolled SMC students only.
  • For more in-depth questions, you are encouraged to go to the Welcome Center , and participate in New Student Orientation after you have submitted your SMC application or preview it by signing on as "Guest", but please be aware that this preview will not clear students from the orientation requirement. This Online Orientation program is designed to answer all your questions regarding your specific educational goals and is your first counseling appointment. It includes information on: services and programs at SMC; the enrollment process; class schedule planning; the transfer process to a 4-year university or college; how to be a successful student; and SMC policies and procedures. To access the Online Orientation please go to SMC Orientation.
  • "Out-of-State Students " are encouraged to view the Welcome Center website, the SMC Frequently Asked Questions and the Transfer Center website for additional information

I'm an International Student (F-1 Visa)

Because International Students holding an F-1 Visa have very specific requirements for admission and for academic planning once you are admitted, International Students should consult the SMC International Education Center directly at 310/434-4217, or via email.