In an Emergency 24/7

From any campus phone,
call 4300 or 911

From a mobile phone,
call SMC dispatch
(310) 434-4300

If off campus call 911

A proactive intervention for the health and safety of the college community.


The CPT will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Receive, review, and catalogue information about concerns regarding student behavior.

  2. Perform initial assessment of risk and refer cases to offices and officials as needed for additional assessment.

  3. Develop specific strategies to manage potentially harmful or disruptive behavior to protect the safety and rights of both the student and the college community.

  4. Make recommendations to college officials on appropriate actions consistent with college policies and procedures.

  5. Engage in ongoing refinement of Team procedures and protocols to foster optimal Team

  6. Functioning and interface with the College community. Identify College policy and procedural issues warranting further examination and refer such matters to appropriate entities.

  7. Make training available to faculty and staff regarding the identification and referral of students who may pose threats to the campus community.

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