​​​​​​​​​​​​List of Undo​​​​cumented Allies

The following is a list of ​Santa Monica College faculty, staff, managers and students that have completed the Undocumented Ally Training and have committed to create a safe, supportive, non-discriminatory and​​​ inclusive campus for undocumented persons. The list will be updated as new Allies complete the training. Last Update: 10/11/19

Ally List.pdf

Academic Affairs

Dione Carter, Management

Edna Chavarry, Management

Erica LeBlanc, Management

Admissions, Records & Assessment

Cleve Barton, Staff

Cael Edwards, Staff

Sandra Franco, Staff

Renay Garcia, Staff

Erin Gipson, Staff

Stacey Jones, Management

Mattie Lanz, Staff

Alma Nevarez, Staff

Maisha Reed, Staff

Estela Ruezga, Staff

Samantha Singha, Staff

James Stevenson, Staff

Esau Tovar, Management

Clarence Warren, Staff

Keinan Williams, Staff

Adult Education

Cristina Gutierrez, Faculty

Sam Mehrazar, Staff

Norma Torres-Gonzalez, Faculty

Art Department

Nathaniel Donahue, Faculty

Briana Simmons, Faculty

Auxiliary Services

Mitch Heskel, Management

Basic Skills Initiative & BSSOT

Ashley Mejia, Staff

Black Collegians

Chris Baccus, Faculty

Sherri Bradford, Faculty

Tyffany Dowd, Faculty

Hirut Turner, Faculty

​The Broad Stage

Ilaan Mazzini, Management


Juliana Parker, Faculty

Nick Mata, Management

Career Services Center

Jenni de Caussin, Faculty

Jacqueline Espinoza, Faculty

Judy Lam, Faculty

Joan Kang, Staff

Esmeralda Martinez, Faculty

Vicki Rothman, Faculty

Caroline Trejo, Staff

Center for Students with Disabilities

Carla Alvarado, Staff

Karla De Alba, Staff

Alyson Gould, Faculty

Denise Henninger, Management

Annie Ishihara, Faculty

Nathalie Laille, Faculty

Pinsopearui Lor, Faculty

Angela Thomas, Staff

Center for Wellness & Wellbeing

Alison Brown, Faculty

Susan Fila, Management

Kimberly Rios-Lam, Faculty

College Police

Johnnie Adams, Chief of Police

Communication & Media Studies

Julie Chekroun, Faculty

Kevin Chicas, Faculty

Nancy Grass, Faculty

Sharyn Obsatz, Faculty

Amanda Whidden, Faculty

Computer Science & Information Systems Department

Sira Hotsinpiller, Faculty

Counseling/Transfer Center

Brenda Alvarez, Faculty

Brenda Benson, Management

Deyadra Blye, Faculty

Vanessa Bonilla, Faculty

Maria Bonin, Staff

Porsha Boyd, Faculty

Alanna Brooke, Staff

Veronica Castillo, Faculty

Elizabeth Castro, Faculty

Amy Dworsky, Faculty

Melissa Edson, Faculty

Oscar Galindo, Faculty

Amanda Garcia, Faculty

Jeff Gordon, Faculty

Laurie Guglielmo, Faculty

Veronica Gutierrez, Faculty 

Sandra Hernandez, Faculty

Yunior Hernandez, Faculty

Erika Knox, Faculty

Lina Ladyzhenskaya, Staff

Susan Maiorano, Faculty

Rosa Martinez, Faculty

William Martinez, Faculty

Rocio Menendez Mata, Faculty

Veronica Munoz, Faculty

Dan Nannini, Faculty

Sara Nieves-Lucas, Faculty

Debbie Ostorga, Faculty

Robin Ramsdell, Faculty

Eugene Ramos, Staff

Janet Robinson, Faculty

Martha Romano, Staff

Christina Sandoval, Faculty

Maria Semere, Faculty

Arina Shvarts, Faculty

Ingrid Sotelo, Faculty

Dyana Valentine, Faculty

Alicia Villalpando, Faculty

Daniella Washington, Faculty

DREAM Program

Sergio Belloso, Faculty

Christina Fuller, Staff

Nick Mata, Management

Kimberly Rios-Lam, Faculty

Early Childhood Education

Gary Huff, Faculty


Scott Silverman, Management

English Department

Jeremy Brigstocke, Faculty

Joyce Cheney, Staff

Ian Colmer, Faculty

Sara Eazell, Staff

Angelina Misaghi, Faculty

Kathleen Motoike, Faculty

Ernest Padilla, Faculty

Jean Paik-Schoenberg, Faculty

Brian Rajski, Faculty

Judith Remmes, Faculty

Lynn Wang, Faculty

English as a Second Language Department

Keith Graziadei, Faculty

Julia Morgan, Faculty

Jessup Yenser, Faculty

Enrollment Development

Teresita Rodriguez, Management​


Maibe Banuelos, Faculty

Eric Barnard, Faculty

Gina Brunell, Staff

Jackie del Banco, Faculty

Aaron Delatorre, Staff

Julie Greenfield, Faculty

Debra Joseph-Locke, Management

Nick Mata, Management

Grace Santiago, Faculty

Susana Stewart, Faculty/Therapist

Rosilynn Tilley, Faculty

Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

Sarah Chang, Faculty

Diana Lui Fujita, Staff

Stacy Neal, Management

Maria Ong, Staff

Denise Sturgis, Staff

Fiscal Services

Cherry Aquino, Staff

Veronica Diaz, Management

Guardian Scholars

Christina Fuller, Staff

Stephanie Hall, Faculty

Debra Joseph-Locke, Management

Philip Lantz, Faculty

Susana Stewart, Faculty/Therapist

Health Sciences

Eve Adler, Management

Flor Sandoval, Faculty

History Department

Heather Bennett, Faculty

Sang Chi, Faculty

Ricardo Garcia, Faculty

David Fouser, Faculty

Jessica Marino, Faculty

Tania Maync, Faculty

Marisol Moreno, Faculty

Brandon Reilly, Faculty

Human Resources

Rebecca Weiland, Management

Institutional Research

Hannah Lawler, Management

International Education Center

Susan Finley, Faculty

Kinesiology & Athletics

Krista Ankeny, Faculty

Latino Center

Chris Baccus, Faculty

Veronica Castillo, Faculty

Edwin Cruz, Staff

Patricia del Valle, Faculty

Paul Jimenez, Faculty

Maria Martinez, Faculty

Janet Tercero, Staff

Learning Resource Center

Aline Baumgartner, Staff

Paulo Taboada, Staff

Life Science

Marziyeh Haghighat, Faculty

Math Department

Barbara Bronie, Faculty

Jamar London, Faculty

Kristin Lui-Martinez, Faculty

Judith Mosher, Staff

John Quevedo, Faculty

Modern Languages & Cultures Department

Kinda Al Rifae, Faculty

Lourdes Arevalo, Faculty

Susan Bauckus, Faculty

Alex Gardner, Faculty

Mahi Lashgari-Renselaer, Faculty

Alejandro Lee, Faculty

Office of Student Affairs

Diana Askew, Management

Linda Ladyzhenskaya, Management

Michael Tuitasi, Management

Office of the President & Board of Trustees

Louise Jaffe, Board of Trustees

Kathryn Jeffery, President

Robert Myers, Campus Counsel

Elaine Polachek, Management

Outreach Office

Ryan Adams, Faculty

Claudia Carroll, Faculty

Diana Moreno, Faculty

Stuart Ortiz, Faculty

Leslie Ann Picazo, Faculty

Delores Raveling, Management

Olivia Vallejo, Faculty

Personnel Commission

John Linke, Management

Carol Long, Management

Olinka Rodriguez, Staff

Olga Vasquez, Staff

Philosophy & Social Sciences Department

Clare Battista, Faculty

Shari Davis, Faculty

Guido Davis Del Piccolo, Faculty

Paul Klumpe, Faculty

Gail Livings, Faculty

Eric Oifer, Faculty

Physical Sciences Department

Peggy Kline, Faculty

Travis Pecorelli, Faculty

Psychology Department

Lea Hald, Faculty

Pico Partnership Program

Yomira Bautista, Staff

Gabriela Corona, Faculty

Aimee Lem, Management

Rocio Menendez Mata, Faculty

Scholars Program

Teresa Garcia, Faculty

Julie Greenfield, Faculty

Audra Wells, Faculty

SMC Foundation

Max Brossy, Staff

​Socrates Manuel, Staff

Lizzy Moore, Management

Dan Sy, Staff

Cheryl Ward, Staff


Marian Bagamaspad, Faculty

Jose Cue, Faculty

Vanan Yahnian, Management

Student Equity

Cyndi Bendezu, Management

Melanie Bocanegra, Management

Vanan Yahnian, Management

Student Health Services Center

Nancy Alfaro, Staff

Susan Fila, Management

Student Life/Associated Students

Benny Blaydes, Faculty

Tiffany Inabu, Faculty

Amelia Trejo, Staff

Supplemental Instruction/Tutoring

Silvana Carrion, Staff

Wendi DeMorst, Management

Veterans Resource Center

​Elaine Morton, Faculty

Welcome Center

Vicenta Arrizon, Faculty

Mia Davis, Faculty

Veronica Hartmann, Faculty

Jose Hernandez, Faculty

Beatriz Magallon, Faculty

Brandi Marsh, Faculty

Tara McCarthy, Faculty

Lily Mozafari, Faculty

Grace Santiago, Faculty

Larisa Villa, Faculty

Robin Yancey, Staff​

Workforce & Economic Development

Nancy Cardenas, Faculty